I am Ali Mehdi. A small-town guy currently doing an Engineering degree and want to do something extra in my free time. And when this pandemic (Covid-19) happened. I just got very bore and want to do something that I like to do in my life. Because I am kind of bored just staying at home. Try to do a lot of things in life to engage me but any of this thing doesn’t work. Things I try Before starting this blog.

  • Make A Instagram theme page and grow it pretty well. (You can check it Here) But it didn’t help me to get out of my Borness and laziness.
  • Go to the GYM to make me active and it turns out pretty well. But it is only 1 or 1.5 hours a day and the whole day was again the same.
  • Make a website by just thinking of making money. and frankly speaking, I don’t like the niche (Topic) even I hate it. Then after some days i just stop posting on it. Because it makes me pretty exhausting while writing anything about this. Because i don’t like to write about something which i don’t know.

And after failing in a lot of things i just got very demotivated. and stop trying for anything because of the fear of failure. But a month back i am scrolling through the youtube and found a very interesting video. where Anastasia blogger is telling about Pinterest and the community on Pinterest.

And after watching some of her videos i got very interested in the Pinterest audience. Because from Pinterest I can start a lifestyle blog where I can share anything I like. instead of just writing about some specific niche.

Here I will share anything I experienced and I try and will try to interact with all of the audience to make myself happy and productive.  And one of my friends will also try to share some of her experiences and recipes mainly because she is very good at it.

We will try to give you the value of your precious time. and will make sure everything we share here will be true and well researched. So no one can be face anything bad by trying our recipes or tips. That’s it for now if something huge happens or even something happens LOL. Till then take care and keep visiting our website. and if you have any suggestions, requests, recommendations, or anything just feel free to contact me. You can contact me by going to this page or directly mail me at [email protected]